Change of address

Dear friends and family and followers-
As of today, March 21st 2010, I am moving to a new bloghome.

It's been fun having my own special blog, but I'm going to go over to the World Wide Wards blog, where the rest of my family is, and hang with them from now on. Come check me out there, and you can see how fast Resli and I keep growing and also learn what other things we're all up to. My new home is at: http://world-wide-wards.blogspot.com. See you there!


Missing Daddy

Daddy had to go away again to another conference this week - just a couple days after coming home from the last one. We miss him so much we had to go out to Buddha Belly for dinner tonight. I kept looking expectantly at the door hoping he'd walk in.

But he didn't.
Mami distracted us by watching a cool Disney video on her iphone though. That almost made up for no Daddy!

Hurry home, though, Daddy, we miss you!

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Acting like a 2-year-old

Now that I'm two I can do lots of big-girl kinds of things. One of them is throwing HUGE temper tantrums. Like this morning when we tried to leave the house and I decided that I did not want to walk out to the car. At all. So I sat down and sulked.
Then (after taking off my jacket and throwing it at Daddy), I tried to go back in to the house.
Unfortunately for me, Daddy is much stronger than I am and he managed to get me in to the car. Then I got over it and was fine . . . Until the next tantrum . . .



The past few days I've been having some trouble with goop in my eyes and my lids being all swollen. It's been getting worse, so Mami finally took me to the doctor this morning. Turns out it's NOT pink eye, just a really bad sinus infection that is so backed up it had to come out my tear ducts. Poor me! But I'm on antibiotics now and will soon be able to see again.

I feel fine, by the way. I just look gross.


Not just any Sunday

Today was a special Sunday because it's the day before Resli turns 5 years old! She and I got all dressed up in funny outfits this morning as part of our celebration.

But later we put on our real party clothes - ballerina costumes.

I put a headband in too, see?

Grandma and Granddaddy and Ms. Jenifer came over for our party, and we had presents and cake and grand time. One of Resli's coolest presents was a flashlight from Nana, and I spent quite some time chasing the light around the floor. Mami says she had a cat that used to do this...

There's nothing wrong with that, is there?!?

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Ballerinas and barbecue

Resli and I love to dress up as ballerinas.

And seriously, what else would you wear to your favorite barbecue joint?

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My first haircut

So you all know what great curly hair I have, and how long it's been getting. But it had been getting more and more out of control and hard to brush, and so Mami and Daddy decided that it was time for my first hair cut.
Here's a pre-picture.

I did NOT like getting it sprayed down.

But then I sat contentedly on Mami's lap while the nice man snipped and snipped.

We were a little worried that if we cut the curls off the end we'd lose them forever, but we just weren't sure what it would do when it was shorter. Here's a post picture:

Clearly we had nothing to worry about, those curls are there as strong as ever! Too bad it's not still 1980, when this look was really in. But it's much more manageable now, and we still think I look cute as a button!

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Sweater weather

It has been very cold in Florida this last week, colder than I've ever known it. Luckily, Aunt Lizzie gave me and Resli these wonderful sweaters for Christmas, and we've been getting a lot of use out of them.

Don't we look cute?

Thanks, Liz!

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Seasonal disconnect

Maybe it's because Mami grew up in the Northeast where we didn't always have white Christmases but we always hoped for them and there was usually a chance of them at the least. Or maybe it's because she's just a sentimental for a good Bing Crosby tune. But whatever it is, Mami has this mindset that Christmas should be, at the very least, COLD.
Well, not here. Yesterday Resli and I were playing oustide in the back yard with, of all things, our inflatable pool. (There was no water in it but they were sure asking for it!)
To us, having been born and, well, so far raised here for our short lives, the few Christmases we've experienced have taught us the 75 degrees and humid is normal for Christmas (and, unfortunately, that it's also normal to put lights on palm trees...).
So while Mami experienced an intense seasonal disconnect while watching us, we sure had a blast!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! We had a great day. When we got up we opened our stockings and I examined the evidence of Santa's having visited - the snack was gone! (Mmm, those crumbs look like they came from some yummy cake...)

And I got to open cool stuff too, like this hair band. What do you think of the 'do?

Later in the day we got to go over to Grandma and Gradddaddy's house to celebrate with them and Liz and Brian too. I had a great time. And wore yet another headband there. And my new "One fish two fish red fish blue fish" shirt.

We had a great Christmas, I hope you all had a wonderful celebration too!

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The lights in Windsor

I don't know if you guys remember or not, but there's this great house out in Windsor that puts up the most amazing Christmas decorations. We went the other evening to see them again this year.
Resli's favorite part - and mine too - is the Santa sleigh you can ride in.

I also really liked hanging out in Daddy's arms and looking at all the Santas and reindeer and angels and stars.

It was fun and pretty, and it really helped get us in the Christmas mood. (Like we needed any help!)

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Stage fright

It's a good thing you saw yesterday's video of me practicing my singing because today during our performance I got a terrible case of stage fright.
My Silent Night was, well, silent.

And during Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer I got in a "ho ho ho" and a "yippee" here and there, but otherwise just stood there.

(Pardon the poor camera work, the videographer had a four year old in her lap on the floor, in case you couldn't tell!)


Getting ready for tomorrow's recital

Tomorrow is our big holiday recital at school. Resli and I have been practicing our songs at home a lot and we're getting pretty good. Here we are.
My class is singing Rudolph.

Resli's class is singing Away In a Manger.

We're so excited for the big performance tomorrow!



I had a little accident at school today involving my head and a table. I've got a nice bruise to show for it.

Wait, that doesn't do it justice. Try these.

Luckily, I had ice on it for a long time and I'm acting fine. (And you should see the other guy. Or the table.)

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The Wards know how to dance!

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It really is. Yesterday it was cold and wintry and we went looking at Christmas trees.

Then we got out stockings. I took that name very literally as you can see.
And then Mami and Daddy got all reindeer silly.

And we decorated our tree with ornaments. Or, if you're me, with tissue paper, but at least I got in to the spirit of the whole thing.
And here's our tree. This is why it looks -- and smells -- a lot like Christmas around here!